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It’s in the Bag with Oscar + Anna


Bag-anistas beware! Up-and-coming handbag line Oscar + Anna has arrived on the scene to steal your hearts and wallets (hello, because you put your wallet IN the bag, duh).

Seattle native, New York based Anna Zeffreys is a designer on a mission: to empower men and women to be fearless in creating their best look, bolstered by accessories and apparel that take the effort out of decision making. In other words, she’s gonna make you look HAWT, and you don’t even need to think twice about it, capiche?


And, let’s be honest for just a moment. (But only for this one moment, okay?) Anyone whose “silent” business partner is their dog (that’s the ‘Oliver’ part of the name) is obviously 1. a very intelligent individual and 2. automatically my BFF and should also be yours. Woof!

Okay, so about the bags.

From the moment I laid eyes on her stunning Cleo bag, my entire future (in a montage of daily outfits accompanied by this Italian haired, hide leathered, gold hardwared hunk of finery) flashed before my very eyes. And I knew that I would be doing a great disservice to all of you unless I shared it with you this very minute. This beauty is cool. It’s funky. It’s sleek. It’s chic. It’s unique. (I feel like that could be a song or something). It’s a wardrobe investment! (Hint, hint, mom!) And, one day, it will. be. mine.

ImageFurry bags not so much your thing? (Psh, yeah right!) No worries, Oscar + Anna has quite the array of The Original bags to get you sorted out.


Check out the Oscar + Anna website for more leather-fare and heart-string tear (I must be in a rhyming mood today) at

As always, stay chic!


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